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Audits & Security

Quantstamp & OpenZeppelin

Our smart contracts have been reviewed by Quantstamp & OpenZeppelin. They have observed there was some risk due to the centralization of power in the Pool administrators, but they deemed it low as users can control their funds at anytime.

PoolTogether's goal is to move to a completely decentralized governance model in the future.

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OpenZeppelin Pods Audit

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OpenZeppelin PoolTogether Audit

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Quantstamp Certificate #2

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Quantstamp Certificate #1

Security & Bug Bounties

We offer public security bug bounties to incentivize vulnerability disclosures by anyone. Bounties are described on GitHub.

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Bug bounties on Github

Public Source Code

PoolTogether strives to be as transparent as possible by publishing the smart contract code publicly and verifying the smart contracts on Etherscan.

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Source code on Github

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Verified code on Etherscan